The Tropical Collection - Space Maker Premium Ironing Board in Tropical Teal

$183.12 USD $249.35

ironMATIK Space Maker Offers the Ideal Ironing Experience!

ironMATIK Space Maker makes ironing a pleasure and less of a chore with its patented accessory tray, allowing you to easily access your spray bottle, drink, cell phone and any other essential item you may need while you are ironing. It has a sturdy frame, with a rust-proof paint, and it’s foldable, adjustable, and comes with an extra metallized cover.

This reliable portable door ironing board has a steam permeable porous base top table. The natural mesh board cover has multiple layers and helps your iron glide easily as you're ironing. No extra top cover is needed. On its bottom, it has no-slip, sturdy leg stops and two rotating foot covers that allow you to make adjustments to prevent wobbling and protect your floors. As an added bonus, it has two wheels that allow you to roll your ironing board on the floor with ease.

ironMATIK Space Maker has a heat resistant, silicone plate that protects the bottom of your iron, keeping it clean for your next round of ironing. A durable and strong hook allows you to store both the board and the iron safely in your closet or wardrobe. The hanger also comes with mounting hardware in case you want to permanently attach it on to a wall.

ironMATIK Space Maker is designed in the United States and Made in Europe, adhering to the strictest labor and quality standards - it weighs less than 23 lbs. Its wide ironing surface measures 49 inches x 16.5 inches and its height can be adjusted as low as 24.5 inches and as high as 37 inches, for maximum comfort and ease. It is safe with its transport lock and it promotes clutter-free living space.

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